Friday, 2 December 2016

Important Facts That You Must Know About Server

Clearly you already made the right choice of creating a website for your business. It is the best marketing tool available right now on the market and to sustain your site you need a good web host. You may be wondering what difference is between the dedicated server hosting  and how it could affect choosing the cheapest one.

You have a business to make money so tending to your business is a must if you want to have food on your table. One of the most basic principle in owning your business is constantly developing. If a business stagnates sooner or later it will close down. A website can be a very useful tool of advertising that can expand your clientele. But not if the site goes down frequently. Once your site is unreachable the potential customer will go to another site and will make a purchase at another business. Even a slow website can affect negatively your SEO ranking. The most important factor is security. The web host service will backup your data to an external (remote) server and this way no matter what happens it can be restored.

If you choose the cheapest web host service  these three will be the most hurt areas and believe me, you can't compromise on security and availability. You will lose revenue and if you are a big company or a web shop every second you are not online can cost you thousands even millions of dollars. Just imagine how much money would Amazon loose if they would go offline for an hour. So be wise and choose a web host with the best up-time record.

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